Canada, what’s wrong with you?

I can’t believe it. Canadians have elected a boy to do the work of a man, or should I say a man-child.

Justin Trudeau has no experience as a leader, let alone a politician. Have you heard some of the things he says? He talks about redefining time/space to make things happen. He claims budgets balance themselves. He feels sorry for terrorists.

Look, say what you want about Steven Harper. He’s a control freak, sure. His controversial C-51 bill is the wrong direction to go, definitely. He was also the man who showed fiscal restraint, lowered taxes as he promised, stood up to terrorism by supporting our allies in their battle against ISIS and streamlined refugee claims to weed out bogus ones so we don’t get moochers here.

They say all the world’s a stage and we are merely players. Perhaps we got the right man for that part since Justin Trudeau was a drama teacher.

Canada, there’s an old saying: we get the government we deserve. For your stupidity, you have brought in a government that will make an already weak economy even worse and will reduce Canada’s security initiatives that protect us from terrorists to a joke.

Thanks so much for that.

That’s my take on the situation.



The Canadian government has decided to fast-track the asyluim requests for 10,000 Syrian refugees, probably as a result of the backlash stoked by activists.

I feel that is a big mistake.

Canada is the only country among the G7 to slide back into recession (albeit a small one). I can speak from personal experience as someone suffering from chronic unemployment and part-time homelessness that the last thing we need is 10 thousand more bodies to compete against for work and for social assistance.

My remark may be cold-hearted and decidedly unCanadian but we do have problems of our own to fix before trying to fix the problem of foreigners overseas (and that is not a racist dig. They are foreigners if they are not Canadian citizens, just as I would be considered a foreigner because I’m not a citizen of Syria).

In Toronto, where tower after gleaming tower is being built, the homeless sleep at the base of each of them while the wealthy live high above. We have very little affordable social housing, long wait times for medical services, inadequate care for our elderly, our young people are carrying more debt-loads for post-secondary education without guarantee their hard efforts will help them get into the career of their choice.

The government has no business using our tax dollars to bring people here and get them established. The government answers to the citizens who voted them in, not outsiders who never contributed anything to Canada.

I have no problem with private individuals bringing these Syrians here and getting them established. It’s their cash. When you use tax dollars to put preferential assistance to foreigners over Canadians, I and everyone else has to have a say.

I say “no”. Charity begins at home.

That’s my take of the issue and thanks for reading.


School starts soon, and with it the two major insults to Canadian diversity, the Africentric schools that are supposed to address the high dropout rate among black students.

Give me a break. This is how we solve problems in our multicultural public school system? We build schools for particular ethnic groups? That’s not bringing Canadians together, that’s tearing us apart.

I’m going to be told by the supporters that these schools are necessary based on their success rate up to now, because apparently teaching black children to the contributions of dead Europeans is the reason why they drop out. They don’t see themselves in the subject matter being taught.

I’ll gladly address both of  these pieces of horseshit right now. The reason why these children are doing better in these Africentric schools is because the class sizes are smaller and the parents of these children are not from the broken family units that breed at Jane and Finch and out in the west end area called Rexdale. These parents actually take part in ensuring their kids get their homework done and they don’t skip school. Of course they are not going to drop out.

Second of all, multiculturalism is about being able to see ourselves in others regardless of skin color, ethnicity, faith, or language. As a white male, I see positive attributes about myself in other people who are not white, and admirable attributes in those same people I want to emulate. That’s my take on how Canada is supposed to work, you segregates. How else are your children going to handle working with others when it comes time for them to hold down a job and be a team player in life?

Thanks for reading.


Vacuum Headed Thinking

I swear, some of you operate like you exist in a vacuum. You swear loudly in public for no reason other than the love of hearing the eff-bomb word. You paste food on the windows in fast-food restaurants. You watch porn with children around on public transit buses. I’ve seen and heard all of this within a span of two months.

Some of you really need adult supervision because you haven’t matured enough to realize that you don’t operate in a vacuum. Your decisions and the actions that come from them affect those around you, in case you didn’t realize that. They upset people, they offend people, they make the experience of the moment an unpleasant one for others. In short, you are making people around you uncomfortable and unhappy because you can’t for some reason stop behaving like a tool.

There are also consequences for taking a course of action. They might involve getting the police’s attention. They might end up costing you your friends, family or your career. They might cause harm or death to others. They might cause harm to you or end your life.

Don’t be a vacuum-head. Think, McFly! Think before acting!

Put That Away

What the hell is wrong with some of you people? The cops are out there in force arresting you for doing it, the media is telling you not to do it, and people have died from what you are doing, yet you are still doing it.

You’re using the smartphone while driving. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve given a few of you a piece of my mind when you nearly hit me while I’m crossing a green light.

When I do give those people a piece of my mind about using their smartphones while driving, I’m told (aside from “eff off”) that it’s their right to do so because they own the device, that it’s business-related or an important call, and that they are multi-tasking. Here we go with my responses to these arguments.

Using your smartphone while driving is not a right, just as driving is not a right, or owning a car is not a right. Being able to do something does not mean you have the right to do something. Action does not translate into freedom of expression. Some actions have consequences which is why we have laws to protect us from such consequences. Using the smartphone while driving is one of them.

I don’t care if the text or call is business-related, a family emergency or something that is important. I’m not saying that it’s not important. I’m saying that it does not justify taking a part of your attention away from driving, because having your full attention on your driving is important too. If you need to make a text or take a call that is urgent, you can’t perform the equally important task of driving safely by keeping your mind on the road. Pull the frigging hell over.

Humans cannot multi-task. We only have one processing core that is our brain. We perform, speaking as a former computer professional of over 20 years, what is known as task-swapping. We work on something for a second, maybe less and then swap to something else and so on. True multi-tasking means having more than one brain, one brain focused on driving and another brain focused on the smartphone. For some, it really does look like it’s multitasking because they are such good actors, but to say it’s really multi-tasking is bullshit. Stop with the bullshit. Stop using the phone while driving. Put the god-damn thing away before you kill yourself or someone else.

That’s my take on the issue.


A Cure For Cancer Fundraising

It’s that time of year again, where the question I ask gets plenty of people mad at me, from cancer survivors to organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society. The question was first raised by my Dad decades ago, and since he passed away, that mantle of inquiry has been passed on to me. It’s an important one, so here we go, I have my bunker built and my flame-retardant underwear on.

“Where does all the funding go for cancer research?”

I ask this question because I am dissatisfied with the progress we have made since war was supposedly declared on cancer back in 1971. Actually, dissatisfied is not the word I’m looking for. I’m disgusted and very pissed off from the ROI to find a cure through generous donations made by people like myself.

Over the last 40+ years I’ve seen family members and friends die from this disease. I see the same god-awful treatments — chemotherapy and radiation — being used that are in some cases worse than the disease. All of this is happening despite the billions (perhaps close to trillions now?) raised through events such as the Terry Fox Run. My dad, the originator of this question, asked me, “all this money being raised and we have no cure? Where the hell does it go?”. That’s a great question, Dad. Where the hell does it go?

I’m going to get the same responses: Cancer is a complex problem so it takes time, cancer is not a single disease but several similar types, the money raised is not enough for funding research.

I get it that cancer is a complex problem but so was space travel, making mobile computers and dealing with other diseases. We seem to have done pretty good with those things but our progress in cancer treatment could be best be described as a snail’s crawl.

I get it that there is more than one type of cancer so you can’t create a magic bullet to deal with all of them, but there’s not been a magic bullet created to deal with even one. Go ahead, tell me which cancer is curable. I’ll answer, “Zero”, despite the disgusting amount of money spent on it for over 40 years.

What I don’t get is the statement that cancer research needs more generous donations in order to actually produce something fruitful. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I won’t even dignify that reasoning with a reply other than to say it’s just plain stupid to believe that. The amount of money we have raised already and the return we’ve gotten for that investment makes me want to throw up.

The biggest joke of them all is that the focus of fundraisers is moving away from cure to prevention. How can you prevent yourself from getting cancer? It’s caused by a genome mutation and aggravated by environmental conditions. You can eat properly and do not smoke, drink, or take drugs and still get cancer.

The cancer fundraising and research industry is one based on the misery of the unfortunate who get cancer. On top of that, don’t think for a minute pharmaceuticals and oncologists want a cure. Why do you think they get snarky at any attempt to pursue alternative/holistic medicine?

Give more money to the Terry Fox campaign? Don’t make me laugh. Show me something substantial that was done with the money and maybe I’ll consider it. Until then, reduce your administrative overhead, stop hiring celebrities that want big bucks to promote your cause, and consolidate and streamline your research vectors to avoid wasteful duplication.

That’s my take on this issue.


The Hypocritic Oath

I understand people are not perfect. Each of us have faults. Each of us have a skeleton or two in our closets we’d rather not talk about (I know a few who have a frigging graveyard but I won’t name names). I accept the human being as a flawed piece of work and while I won’t forgive malicious acts, I will accept the fact you were faulty in that part of your psychological make-up that made you do this. We are busted broken beasties.

What I will not tolerate are those who claim who are so perfect, their bowel movements are odour-free. They claim to do no wrong, preach from atop a pedestal of self-importance to the unwashed masses that you and I are a part of so we may become as perfect and as pure as they are, only for us to discover they are not perfect, do not deserve to stand on that pedestal and lecture us, and are just like the rest of us after all.

Some, like Bill Cosby, might be childhood standards we once looked up to. Cosby was not just the clever guy who brought me my Fat Albert cartoons every Saturday morning. He was like the auxiliary backup Dad for 30 minutes a week when my father wasn’t around. I looked up to him, even later in life through his comedy act and his books. I was on board with what he said about Ebonics and how important it was to be responsible for our own actions in life. Imagine how betrayed I felt when woman after woman after woman came out of the shadows and shared their experiences about Cosby. He had no right to be driving his “be responsible and accountable about one’s actions” pitch when in fact he had trouble being responsible and accountable for his own.

Then we have a former president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving arrested for… drunk driving. We’ve heard the pitch about driving under the influence from this organization for decades and bought it. She claimed she screwed up and she was sorry. She claimed she was going through a rough patch in her life and lost her way. Bullshit. She disgraced her organization and the noble message it was promoting. No mercy for her, she’s a hypocrite.

The biggest hypocrite story of them all — so big I should call it a hippo-crite story — are the politicians. Politicians claim to respect the voters mandate, have our collective best interests in mind, and vow to follow through on the election promises they make and what do they do? They misuse and abuse our tax dollars and our trust in them. They break the promises they made with flimsy excuses. They live a standard of living they give themselves that does not match the ROI. They escape punishment for committing acts of fraud the common man (and woman) would be unquestionably guilty of simply because they are compared to a different standard. This is why I’m such a fan for being able to recall our MP and MPPs here in Canada because right now we can’t fire them. It’s like if I were to do a lousy job at my last full-time place of employment but my boss can’t remove me until four years later. How wrong is that? Very wrong.

My take on this is that we as a society are losing the ability to accept the responsibly for our actions. In fact, society has gotten to the point of being too forgiving and understanding about this failure to accept responsibility simply because the person in question is either a beautiful celebrity, a favourite sports athlete, a ruthless business mogul, or a public figure we put too much faith in trust in.  Maybe that’s where the real problem is at.

I said it before. We are broken busted beasties and the rest of the animal kingdom is shaking its collective heads at us in disgust.

That’s my take on the issue.


Change Is Good!

I often hear from some close-minded people about how immigrants are changing society today and I laugh at them. Even as I’m writing this post, I’m laughing at them (okay, I’m actually just smiling at them while shaking my head). These folk lament about the ethnic stores and the non-Christian places of worship popping up here and there, and the street signs now showing something other than English or French. They wring their hands when they hear a group of people having a conversation in a language they do not understand and wonder what nefarious plots are being crafted. They say it’s the end of society as they know it. I say they are a bunch of bigoted idiots who do not understand all of this is natural human evolution and society is gonna be just fine.

Our numeric system is Arabic. Our music and art come from many non-White sources (blues and heavy metal for example have roots in black African music). When different cultures meet, it is natural for certain social, economic, scientific, or political ideas to not only be exchanged but also adopted. Yes, sometimes there are losers in such an exchange. It must have sucked to be a Roman during the Visigoth expansions and native Canadians were probably saying their language equivalent of, “Fucking immigrants are changing everything” right up to their march to reservations the day the British and the French came here. That’s nothing new, though. It’s happened countless times in ancient history, and it will continue to happen in the future yet to be. Dominant healthy cultures supplant regressive stagnant ones.

As individuals you and I have two choices when faced with these social changes. We either HTFU and grow a pair and adapt, or we join those who failed to do so in the trashbin of historical irrelevance.

That’s my take on the issue.


Parental Guidance

My inaugural post on this new blog might upset a lot of parents out there, but I am writing this because I have a lot of respect for parents, particularly my own for the hard work they did raising me.

I remember the day I decided I did not want to be a parent: I was on the TTC Route 96 bus on my way to class at Humber College in the early 1980s and just finished reading a Maclean’s article about parenting (I can’t remember specifically what the article was about). I mulled over the idea of being a Dad and decided right there I didn’t have that extra level of responsibility and patience needed to raise children. Not to brag about my character, but I demonstrated a remarkable moment of insight and wisdom by coming to that decision and to this day I don’t regret having a child.

There are some of you out there, though, that I really wished you had that same moment of clarity I did. To be blunt, you suck at being a parent and I have proof. Your children mouth back at you in public after causing a scene or damaging products in a store. Your children are disrespectful towards other adults and the police. Those of you who have teen children apparently are not setting proper curfews, and as a result I hear your kids partying to dangerously excessive levels, while dropping more F-bombs than the total number of real bombs dropped in two World Wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined.

At this point, some of you reading are saying, “David, why are you blaming the parents when the kids are the ones doing of all this?”. I’m sticking the blame on the parents because the kids do not know better, and it’s the parents who are supposed to teach them to know better.

Contrary to the idiotic bafflegab I’m hearing from so-called child experts, children through most of their growing up are incapable of making informed decisions. They are sentient autonomous creatures, yes, but that psychological software that handles moral and ethical determination is still in beta and requiring many software patches (sorry for the I.T. figurative). This is why you do not reason with kids: THEY DON’T KNOW BETTER. I did not know better when I was growing up and it was my parents’ job to teach me better, sometimes through a slap or even the strap for extremely bad judgement calls. Some people now refer to this as criminal and kids can now sue their parents for receiving corporal punishment but I call it learning about consequences and being disciplined. That’s why I have no police record, generally play well in society (even as a part-time homeless person currently) and an extremely agreeable and pleasant to be around. My Dad and Mom did their job with me and my siblings. You, Dad and Mom, the one I’m writing this post about, are not, and I think it’s time to make you pay for the sloppy work you’ve done on your kids. Society is sick of bearing the brunt of your kids’ actions and here’s my take on what should happen.

I believe that if any child of a parent or parents commits a criminal act while living with their parents, that parent or parents should be held responsible and punished. Assault? Drunk driving? Robbery? Boom: financial compensation to those affected by your misbehaving child or children’s actions. Murder or any other act done by your child that results in death or disability? Boom: Criminal negligence causing bodily harm or death and the parent is sent to jail for how many years the court seems fit for a sentence.

Am I over-reacting? You’ve read the papers and listened to the news on radio, TV and the Internet. You’ve heard their music, seen how they behave and dress in public and online. Our children will become the society of tomorrow that replaces the society of today. A maladjusted child results in social disorder that could lead to a dystopia of tomorrow. Is this what you want? It’s not what I want.

That’s my take on the issue.